Planning in Academic Writing - How to Make Everything Work Perfect?

Planning in Academic Writing
Planning is considered indispensable to achieving any goal, regardless of which industry you operate in or the task you perform. The same goes for academic writing. Writing without planning does not yield the best results or the results that you anticipate achieving. So, planning in academic writing is equally important as in other tasks. However, it has been seen that over the years, students are not giving it the attention it requires. They just sit down and write their papers without brainstorming what to include in them and what to exclude.

So, keeping this in mind, today’s post is all about planning in academic writing. There will be a brief discussion on the term planning and what it entails. After that, the importance of planning will be discussed in the context of academic writing. In the later stages of today’s article, I will explain how to plan academic writing effectively. So, let’s get started.

What Does It Mean To Plan Academic Writing?

Planning academic writing refers to the use of a deliberate and organised approach to tackle a lengthy writing task. This task could be a 1500-word essay on climate change or a 10,000 words dissertation on the implication of global warming. Planning also includes what the writer thinks about the topic and what are his pre-existing views about the topic. In addition to this, planning in academic writing is also about figuring out what to include in your writing task.

Why Is Planning Important In Academic Writing?

Planning is a necessary part of any writing task. Without planning the writing task, you cannot organise your thoughts well and make everything logically correct. Most students find it difficult to plan their writings and often ask the question of why planning is important. So, below are some points that make it important for academic writing:
  • It makes the content of the writing task coherent in meaning and streamlined in the flow of ideas
  • It enables you to work out the structure of your writing task and anticipate the endpoint even before you have started working on the essay
  • It makes you stick to it and does not let you get off track when working on the original task
  • Planning in academic writing helps you create powerful arguments because you already know what the problem is and how to tackle it
  • Planning makes the writing task very easy and allows you to finish and submit it on time

Considering the above points, it is important to plan academic writing well. However, if you are lack in planning skills, you must opt to hire academic writing services. And if you have decided to do all yourself, following tips will be helpful for you,

5-Step Guide To Planning Academic Writing

Academic writing can be a dreaded task for students as they do not have an idea about its starting and ending point, initially. However, if they plan it well, they can surely create a marvellous piece of writing. How can students plan their academic writing well and make it work perfectly? A brief description of the 5 steps to planning your writing is as follows:

1. Understand The Problem

First things first, planning in academic writing starts off with a complete understanding of the problem or the research question. Give proper time to the problem, explore it thoroughly using a search engine, and go deep into it to understand what it asks you to do. If you fail to understand any part of the problem, do not waste time and visit your professor or teacher during his visiting hours to discuss the problem. To understand the problem properly, you can also ask yourself some questions and find their answers.

2. Brainstorm The Ideas Related To The Topic

The second important step in planning is brainstorming ideas related to the topic of the writing. After the previous step, you know what the question is; therefore, it is time to take one step further and unearth all the ideas related to that topic. Know that brainstorming is the most crucial step when you plan something. The reason is that it is where you create an imaginary structure for your writing task. You use the ideas that come to your mind and give them a shape of an assignment, essay, or thesis. Hence, find a paper, start thinking, and write what comes to your mind regardless of its relativity to the topic.

3. Research The Topic Using Credible Sources

Before creating the actual plan, it is important that you conduct thorough research on your topic of interest. The research allows you to identify the gaps present in the current knowledge so that you can mould your writing’s content towards that gap. Also, it helps you get an idea of what is going on in your field of study currently. So, research is an important phase when it comes to planning in academic writing. Many students face problems in the research phase. If you are one of them, do not hesitate to hire a buy assignment online service.

4. Draft An Outline Of Academic Writing

The 4th step asks you to draft the outline of your academic writing. It means you should clearly write what to include in different sections of your academic writing. For example, in the introduction section, you normally talk about the research problem, its importance, and its historical background. So, in your draft plan, write these things. The same goes for the other sections of your academic writing.

5. Create The Original Plan

Finally, the step has arrived, which you have been waiting for. After performing all the steps mentioned above, it is time to craft the actual plan. When creating a plan for your writing, make sure to move in a logical order. Discuss things first that should be discussed first. Try to link each point of your plan with the other. It is how to create powerful arguments and do planning in academic writing.


Conclusively, planning in academic writing is not an easy task because you have to follow a path to create an impactful and effective plan. There are plenty of things to focus on when planning academic writing. Some of those things, like understanding the question right and brainstorming the ideas, are explained above. Hence, give them a deep look and plan your academic writing well.

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